100th PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club

Credit: Jamie Springer, KMOX

Your Guide To Parking, Traffic Around PGA Championship at Bellerive

August 06, 2018 - 8:59 am

KMOX PGA Championship traffic reports are sponsored by Lion’s Choice. Slow-roasted in St. Louis. Famous everywhere.

With the 100th PGA Championship in St. Louis, there are some important traffic notes for anyone planning on attending the event and/or driving near the event. Some information to keep in mind as you plan your commute:

  • Spectators are heavily encouraged to utilize Uber, Lyft, and/or St. Louis County/Yellow Cab to and from Westminster Christian Academy, the only official Rideshare Pick-Up/ Drop-Off lot for the 100th PGA Championship.  Complimentary shuttle services will be provided from the Pick Up and Drop off lot to the Main Spectator Bus Terminal across from the Main Spectator Entrance at Bellerive Country Club.


  • Off-site PGA Public Parking will be free and located at Fenton Logistics Park (1050 Dodge Drive) in Fenton.  Complimentary shuttles will be provided from both the PGA Public Parking lot and the Main Spectator Bus Terminal across from the 100th PGA Championship Main Spectator Entrance at Bellerive Country Club.


  • There will be no overnight parking in any PGA Public Parking Lots, and any vehicles left overnight will be towed at the owner’s expense. PGA Tournament Corporation is not responsible for damage to your vehicle, or items lost or stolen from your vehicle.


  • THERE IS NO PUBLIC PARKING OR SPECTATOR DROP-OFF AT BELLERIVE COUNTRY CLUB.  For spectator drop-off, use Westminster Christian Academy or Fenton Logistics Park


  • There will be NO pedestrian and/or bicycles allowed on Ladue Road from I-270 to Rte. 141, and Mason Road from W. Walling Drive and Conway Road, during daylight hours due to anticipated heavy bus shuttle and hang tag permitted vehicles. Where permanent sidewalks exist, spectators are directed to follow sidewalks to existing designated crosswalks at stop lights and/or stop signs. Due to closure of roads and resident hang tag restrictions, there is no vehicle parking within 2 miles of Bellerive Country Club. All spectators are instructed to follow either Rideshare and/or directions to the PGA General Public Parking lot at the Fenton Logistics Park.

For more information, visit the 2018 PGA Championship: Parking and Transportation Guide.