The 5 Most-Commonly Broke Resolutions, How to Keep Them This Year

For one, don't be afraid to reward yourself for achievements.

December 31, 2018 - 11:51 am

As new years come and go, unfortunately so do New Year’s resolutions.

Here are five commonly broken resolutions, according to UC San Diego.

The first should be a surprise to no one it’s lose weight and exercise more.

Second, with a fresh new year ahead, many try to break old habits like smoking.

Thirdly, a good resolution, if you can keep it, is self-improvement. Many try to better themselves by learning something new, like a language or an instrument.

Fourth is tackling financial struggles like getting out of debt or putting more money into savings.

Last but not least, is to spend more quality time with family.

But don’t despair, here are some quick tips to keep these New Year’s Resolutions.

Experts say the first thing to do is to make a resolution that you’re truly passionate about; something that you want to do and not what you should do.

They also say you should make small and specific goals. For example, don’t make your resolution to lose weight. Instead, it should be something like do 5 pushups every morning

And lastly, reward yourself for achievements.

Armed with these tips, we hope you have a healthy and happy New Year!