Alcohol replaces Hepatitis C as biggest reason for liver transplants in America

But there's another reason that has doctors even more worried: fatty liver disease

Fred Bodimer
February 11, 2019 - 12:29 pm

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — There's growing concerns about fatty liver disease among liver transplant specialists. 

A recent study just came out suggesting alcohol-related disease has overtaken Hepatitis C as the top reason for liver transplants.

However, the surgical director of transplants at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital -- SLU Care's Dr Henry Randall -- says that's not really the case.

"The actual primary indication for liver transplants that surpassed everything was fatty liver disease," he told KMOX Health Editor Fred Bodimer.

Fatty liver disease has been linked to high-sugar diets.

"You don't have to be fat (to have the disease), but a person whose diet and body habits lends itself to the liver having too much fat in it."

Randall says you also don't have to be a diabetic to have fatty liver disease.  Best prevention tips? 

  • Control how much you eat and what you eat
  • Watch the sugar intake
  • Get plenty of exercise
  • Drink plenty of water

Randall says the reason alcohol-related disease has now passed Hep C on the transplant list is because Hepatitis C has become much easier to treat with drugs - reducing the need for a liver transplant.