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Aldermen Fight for More Regulation in Road Construction

September 24, 2018 - 9:00 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - If you live or work in downtown St. Louis, you've likely noticed the street grid has become a hodge-podge of random closures and street plates over the past couple of years.

Spire and Ameren have been doing work virtually non-stop to replace aging underground infrastructure. Alderwoman Cara Spencer has filed a resolution asking them to work more closely with the city streets department.

“We’ve got to have some accountability. They’ll dig up a street, leave it dug up for months on end, and I think we really have to start to take a look at the ordinances that we have in place because they’re really outdated,” she says.

As part of that she wants to explore whether there's a better way to approve and keep track of street closures.

“They do file permits, but there are a lot of emergency permits issued. We need to take a look at the whole process,” she says.

The resolution is non-binding and would look at the entire process, not just permitting. Spencer says downtown isn't alone, there's work going on all over the city - a portion of Tennessee Street in her ward, for example, was closed for four months.