HSMO Disaster Rescue Team

Pulse Productions Inc

Amazing Footage: Humane Society of Missouri Disaster Team Rescues Dog from Flooded North Carolina Home

September 25, 2018 - 11:29 am

Today, the Humane Society of Missouri nine-member Disaster Response Team is returning from a 10-day deployment to rescue and ensure the welfare of animals affected by the flooding aftermath of Hurricane Florence. 

The team performed flood-water rescues of dogs, chickens and horses; transported animals from temporary shelters threatened by rising waters to more permanent facilities; and assisted the Coast Guard in unloading animals and people from helicopter rescues.

Below is a video from HSMO and Pulse Productions showing the team rescuing and reuniting a young pup that was trapped inside a flooded home. The rescuers successfully retrieved the dog and it is now back home with its original owners. 

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