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Alexa is always listening and so are some Amazon employees, report

Rules are in place so that the conversations are never made public

April 11, 2019 - 10:22 am

(KMOX) - Is Alexa spying on you? Amazon acknowledges workers monitoring its digital assistants sometimes do listen in on random conversations. 

Bloomberg reports that Amazon has thousands of people listening to your conversations to make your Alexa voice assistant work better and even have a chat room where workers talk about some of the more amusing conversations that they hear.

While rules are in place so that the conversations are never made public, two Amazon workers say that they've listened in on funny stuff like a woman singing badly in the shower and they believe they've heard evidence of crimes like sexual assaults. 

Amazon told the workers it's not the company's place to intervene in conversations. The employees have signed nondisclosure agreements and sometimes listen to 1,000 audio clips in a nine-hour shifts, per the report.

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