Stenger's prison release date moved up 19 months

The former county executive's now scheduled to get out of prison on Dec. 27, 2021.

Brian Kelly
October 25, 2019 - 3:02 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The date for former St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger to be released from federal prison has been moved up. 

Stenger's date to be released from federal minimum security prison is now listed as December 27, 2021, which means his 46-month sentence would actually be 27-months. However, his attorney says that's not unusual.

Scott Rosenblum tells KMOX the prison system calculates the date based on time inmates can earn while incarcerated.

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"Any federal inmate in the Bureau of Prisons is able to earn approximately 15 percent good time, which comes out to be about 85 percent of the sentence," Rosenblum. "The Bureau of Prisons determines whether an individual qualifies for the RDAP Program, which is the Residential Drug Abuse Program."

Rosenblum says the prison has determined Stenger qualifies for the program, which takes nine months to complete.

Stenger could actually get out six months sooner than the December 2021 date. Rosenblum says he'll find out in January if he qualifies to be released to a halfway house under the new First Step Act. 

Rosenblum fully expects Stenger to earn his early release.

"Obviously, I would imagine if Mr. Stenger would go down there and start a riot at this camp he would lose his good time served," Rosenblum. "So, that's assuming that he's going to get all the good time he's entitled to which there's no reason to believe he wouldn't."

In fact, Rosenblum says, it's very rare that an inmate forfeits their good time.

"Especially in low-level prison camps," he says. "They're not doing anything, they're walking around a track and reading papers." 

Stenger began serving his sentence for fraud at the minimum security prison in Yankton, South Dakota, last month.

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