Arch Café to Feed Hungry Gateway Arch Park Patrons

Michael Calhoun
May 10, 2018 - 12:19 am
ambulance pulls away from the Arch

Brett Blume (KMOX)

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -- The next time you head to the Gateway Arch and your stomach rumbles, there'll be no need to walk back downtown to find a restaurant.

Arch Café plans to open on the Fourth of July in the base of the Arch near the trams.

"We feel very honored to build it out becuase we're from St. Louis,"says Barry Spiegelglass, co-owner of Spiegelglass Construction, which is building the restaurant. "My grandfather started our business in 1904 in downtown St. Louis and now we're going back downtown to do this."

Arch Café plans to be farm-to-table, with St. Louis-style ribs, hamburgers, paninis and, of course, toasted ravioli.

The space will include a patriotic wall mural. The same company that operates eateries at National Parks like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island will also run Arch Café.

It's expected to open on the Fourth of July.

Photo: via Spiegelglass Construction