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Arrests are Down in St. Louis

April 16, 2018 - 10:14 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Louis police are making 16 percent fewer arrests than the same time a year ago.  But Police Chief John Hayden says that doesn't mean police aren't working hard.

“I’ve seen some great arrests, certainly officers are engaged and they are making a lot of progress. And they’re also doing a lot of search warrants resulting in a lot of gun collection,” he says.  

For the year, police report they've arrested about 970 people, compared with about 1,160 the same time last year. 

In one pocket of north city, Hayden has poured in extra police and surveillance equipment.  He says arrests there are down 15 percent--but violent crime is also down 20 percent.

St. Louis police are also working with less manpower.  The department is 130 officers short of its authorized strength.

“Sometimes arrests are the indicator, sometimes lack of arrests is an indicator, because if people are staying away from what we’re focusing on, there’s a chance that people are saying ‘hey, I better not go, if I’m normally acting up in a certain area, maybe I shouldn’t go over there’,” he says.