NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson is seen during the 200th spacewalk in support of the International Space Station.

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Astronaut Left The SD Card For His GoPro Back 'At Home'

Good for NASA for making light of a funny situation mistake that was broadcasted live to the entire internet. 

May 17, 2018 - 9:14 am

Forgetting sun screen on a hot day or a phone charger when you leave town is a pretty rough feeling – but in no way compares to what this NASA astronaut did. 

A video was posted by NASA's verified Twitch account Wednesday, shows one of its astronauts floating in space, trying to turn on a GoPro camera. Here's the transcript of the conversation between Houston Mission Control and the astronaut: 

"Hey Houston, I've got a question about the GoPro real quick," says the astronaut.

"We're all ears, go ahead," replies his co-workers back on Earth.

"O.K, I'm pushing the button, I see a 'No SD.' That means- do I need that to record?" asks the astronaut.

There's a long pause from Houston, who is probably wondering why no one threw a GoPro tutorial into this guy's astrophysics lessons. 

"And if it's recording does there need to be a red light on?" the astronaut asks again. 

The video was posted with the humoraous caption, "Left SD card at home LUL." Good for NASA for making light of a minor mistake that was broadcasted live to the entire internet. 

NASA shares a lot of daily clips of the communication its astronauts are having with Houston. There are currently six crew members aboard the International Space Station: Ricky Arnold, Oleg Artemyev, Drew Feustel, Norishige Kanai, Commander Anton Shkaplerov and Scott Tingle.