Attorney Al Watkins and Missouri governor Eric Greitens.

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Attorney: House Probes Allegation of Greitens Slapping Lover

March 13, 2018 - 7:59 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A Missouri House panel investigating Governor Eric Greitens is asking questions about whether he slapped his hairdesser lover for sleeping with her husband, according to an attorney who attended one of the closed-door sessions.

So far, the only person to sit through one of the meetings – and come out talking – is the lawyer for the woman's ex-husband, Clayton Attorney Albert Watkins.

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"The investigative committee asked questions of my client that related to the allegations of my client's former spouse, the former paramour of the governor, about whether or not she was slapped after she acknowledged to the governor that she had slept with her husband during a period of reconciliation," Watkins said.

Watkins says by the tone of the questions it was clear that the panel viewed the alleged slap as an act of retribution, rather than part of a sexual experience.

Watkins and his client appeared before the seven-member House panel Friday, and he concluded that they have already taken testimony from the woman.

"It was very clear by how the questions were worded that they had received testimony already from the former paramour of the governor," Watkins said.

In questions directed to his client Friday, Watkins says the panel wanted assurance that the tape recordings he made of his wife discussing the affair were un-altered and un-edited , which he says they are.

Watkins says described the panel as professional, and well organized, but he wonders whether 40 days is enough time to get it done.

"What's of concern here is that there's a very short window of opportunity to conduct this investigation," Watkins said, "They are charged with a close to impossible task to complete a comprehensive investigation of this subject matter,"

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Watkins noted that 40 days is not enough time to prepare, issue and fight any challenges to subpoenas.

Also, he says the terms of the House Speaker and the Chairperson of the investigative committee both end this year.