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Attorney: There Will be Changes Coming to City Museum Exhibits

An attorney who has represented past cases against the City Museum believes its new owner will likely review all of its exhibits to prevent future lawsuits.

January 07, 2019 - 12:48 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - An attorney who has represented those who were injured at the City Museum is predicting some exhibits there will change under new ownership. 

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Amy Gunn of The Simon Law Firm tells KMOX's Charlie Brennan that the museum is susceptible to lawsuits because it doesn't follow regulations or building standards. She says her firm is currently investigating cases against the City Museum and have represented a number of clients in past cases against the City Museum. 

"It's not just about someone falling and breaking a leg or an arm, in order to be successful in a lawsuit against a premise owner or a corporation you have to prove they were neglegent in some way," Gunn says. "What we've discovered is that a lot of the safety standards that are in place and are well recoginized weren't followed by the City Museum."

She predicts that the new owner, Premier Parks LLC, which is led by a former Six-Flags executive, will change that. 

"I believe that there will be a review of the exhibits. I believe a company that was involved in Six Flags or other large theme parks understands the regulations, understands the engineering principals behind the exhibits that it promotes," Gunn says. 

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The museum has reportedly faced at least 60 personal injury lawsuits filed by injured visitors. One of those cases involved an international rugby player who missed tryouts for her national team in the United Kingdom due to a "horrific injury to her knee" while going down a slide at City Museum. 

You can listen to the full conversation she and her partner Elizabeth Lenivy had on the Charlie Brennan Show, starting at the 14:00 mark: