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Ballwin Alderman Calls for Budget Transparency

June 25, 2018 - 8:58 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A Ballwin alderman who walked nearly 200 miles to prove a point is looking for his next project.

Kevin Roach, who's also running as a Republican for Missouri State Auditor, walked from Ballwin to Warrensburg to protest the University of Central Missouri because the school wasn't posting complete budget documents online. He says that's part of a larger problem - we don't know how much money is spent on government, overall, in Missouri.

“I intend to get all government budgets online, get all government expenses online so that taxpayers can see for themselves exactly what their money is being spent on,” he says.

Roach says the university wouldn't respond to phone calls and letters, so he walked. After about an hour of conversation once he got there unannounced, the documents were posted online.

“I wanted to make a statement to the university. I wanted to show them my determination to get these documents unlocked, and I wanted to show the taxpayers that I am serious about restoring respect for them,” he says.

Now he's looking for tips about what other governmental entities are "stonewalling" Missourians as they look for budget information. He wants taxpayers to let him know if they're having trouble getting information from their local taxing bodies. He hopes he doesn't have to walk 200 miles to get information anymore, but he says this exercise should prove he's serious about budget transparency.