Suburb Touts Cool Snow Response As Merger Talk Heats Up

We already know Ballwin's not on board with a city-county merger

Michael Calhoun
January 14, 2019 - 5:06 am
Snow mud on street background


BALLWIN (KMOX) -- Is this West County town making a point about local control by throwing shade at the way others plow snow?

Talk is heating up about a potential city-county merger. Leaks about the group Better Together's plan indicate it may aim for local municipal governments, like Ballwin, to have reduced roles.

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Ballwin aldermen, meantime, as far back as 2014, passed a resolution opposing a city-county merger or "any efforts that would lower the quality and raise the costs of services received by Ballwin citizens."

Which leads us to this weekend's snow storm and a snapshot comparison that's going viral.

Many of the more than one hundred comments are from Ballwin residents, thanking employees for their effort and bragging about the suburb's quality of life.

A group called "Stop the City-County Merger" added: "People choose to live where THEY see fit and are happy to pay for and receive great services. #DontMergeUs."

Better Together is expected to officially release its plan later this month. We'll see who gets responsibility for winter weather response.

Much of this current snow may melt Tuesday, when the sun comes out and temperatures rise into the 40s.