Barnes-Jewish Hospital is opening the largest Neuro-Critical Care unit in the region

It's also one of the largest in the country.

Fred Bodimer
August 14, 2019 - 8:58 am

Photo provided/Barnes-Jewish Hospital


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Barnes-Jewish Hospital is about to double the size of its Neuro-Critical Care unit -- making it one of the largest in the nation.  

Barnes-Jewish already had a neuro-critical care unit on its tenth floor -- but just finished more than doubling its capacity -- with a new unit on the ninth floor.

"We've had a 20-bed neurointensive care unit for some time now," said Dr. Salah Keyrouz, medical director of the Barnes Jewish neurointensive care unit. "We basically made a decision to expand and add more beds to that unit and that's what is going to happen on Thursday.  We're opening the brand new unit that has 24 more beds so it is increasing our capacity or volume of patients we can take care of at any one time to 44."
Why the need to increase the size of the current neuro-care ICU?

"There seems to be more need for environments like this one to care for such patients," Dr. Keyrouz tells KMOX.  "There seems to be more patients needing this type of care.  We tended to turn away, unfortunately, many patients on a daily basis that do need our services in the neurointensive care unit here at Barnes and we finally got to the point in making the decision that it is wise to increase both our capacity and ability to care for such patients by increasing the number of beds available." 
The unit will be among the largest neuro-ICUs in the country and the largest in the region.

"This is the type of unit in which you would care for patients with traumatic brain injuries, stroke, brain hemorrhages, things like catastrophes in the brain and on the spinal cord or less common conditions like continuous epilepsy -- which we call status epilepticus."
Dr. Keyrouz says the 24 new fully equipped ICU rooms include a family zone in each patient room, along with state of the art technology -- including tele-ICU monitoring and built in EEG monitoring systems, a built-in fixed 128-slice CT scanner, and portable CT scanners on each floor.