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Best Team Names for St. Louis' Coming XFL Team

We asked our followers on social media to come up with team names and you guys didn't disappoint.

November 29, 2018 - 12:07 pm

In 2020 the XFL is expected to comg in St. Louis, bringing professional football back to the city for the first time since the then St. Louis Rams played its final home game on December 17, 2015. 

But there's no way in hell this city will bring back the Rams name, logo or colors. So what should we call St. Louis' next team? 

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We asked our followers on social media this week, here's the best answers we got (in no particular order): 

1. T-Ravs - Dangerous hot offense and delicious. We can picture KMOX in the Imos broadcast booth already. (Joe Sturdy)

2. Rivermen - It's a play off the original XFL team, New York Hitmen. And well, the Mississippi River, duh. (Mark S. Williams)

3. Carjackers - We don't enjoy taking shots at our own city. But name has a fitting XFL-ness to it. (Jason Breuer)

4. St. Louis Browns - Able to take a jab at the NFL and honor a history St. Louis sports team at the same time. Lets just hope they're better at drafting quarterback. 

5. Anti-Rams - Anti in terms of loyalty, ownership group and fan appreciation fine. We like it. (Alan Hinton)

6. Silverbacks - Not much that's scarier than a dominant, male gorilla. Also St. Louis Silverbacks has a pretty nice ring to it and maybe have the gorilla hanging from the Arch for a logo. (Chris Lollis)

7. Football McFootballface - No comment. (Dan Doelling)

8. St. Lunatics - The pride of St. Louis, Nelly would be honored to revive the name of his former rap group. (Jason Savoy)

9. Bluebirds - Combination of St. Louis' biggest sports franchises the Blues and Cardinals. And they can wear powder blue jerseys, like the Winter Classic sweaters and Cards jersey from the 80's. (Nicholas Mellenthin)

10. Stallions - This name may sting for some in St. Louis, who remember it as the NFL expansion team we nearly had. Seemily overnight the NFL decided Jacksonville (now the Jaguars) would get a team and not St. Louis. But in the XFL we can bring back the same old-school logo, colors and name for a great bit of nostalgia. (A lot of us)