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You can save $30 a year buying gas on the right days in Missouri, Illinois

And the days you'll want to avoid getting gas are for sure the weekends. 

April 09, 2019 - 10:20 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The average gas price across the entire U.S. is up 50 cents per gallon since January – so GasBuddy is trying to help everyone save some cash and time at your future fill-ups. 

GasBuddy analyst Patrick DeHaan says if you're in Illinois, you'll want to fill-up on Monday and in Missouri it's Tuesday that has the cheapest gas prices on average pre week. And to make it even better, you'll save more time at the pump on Monday's and Tuesday's because GasBuddy says it's not as busy. 

DeHaan says you can save around $20-$30 per year if you follow this system. The savings get even better if you hit the pumps in the morning, rather than the evening. 

GasBuddy analyzed gas price data from the period of January-March 2019 and found that the first day of the work week offers the lowest average gas price in 30 states, making it the best day to fill-up.

And the days you'll want to avoid getting gas are for sure the weekends.  Saturday is the worst day to buy gas in 16 states, Friday has the most expensive average price of any other day of the week.

But in Illinois, you'll also want to avoid getting gas on Thursday's, which GasBuddy found to have the highest average price per week.

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