NHL players and Blues almuni share photos of hockey sticks on their porch.

(Twitter, Jamie Rivers, John Tavares, David Backes)

Blues Alumni Join In Viral Tribute To Honor Canadian Youth Hockey Team

Kelly Chase, Jamie Rivers and Keith Tkachuk helped honor the 15 lives lost when a junior hockey team's bus crashed into a tractor-trailer.

April 11, 2018 - 9:36 am

Hockey has some well-known traditions like hand-shake lines after a playoff series or raising their sticks to honor the fans after every home victory. A new tradition of placing hockey sticks on your front porch has gone viral over the weekend. 

A junior hockey team was en route to a crucial playoff game Friday when a tractor-trailer slammed into their chartered bus, killing 15 and sending shock waves through a small town on the Canadian plain. Professional, amateur and rec-league hockey players around the world began sharing photos of hockey sticks they left on their porch. 

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It started with Canadian sports broadcaster Brian Munz, who shared a photo from a friend who texted him: “Leaving it out on the porch tonight. The boys might need it ... wherever they are.”

Kelly Chase shared a photo of the original message on Twitter:

Many social media users are using "#HumboldtStrong" when sharing their photos. Like St. Louis Blues alumni Jamie Rivers who shared a photo of the sticks on his front door:

There were three sticks on the porch of Blues alumni, Keith Tkachuk, courtesy of his wife, Chantal:

Soon, it was world-wide and even some current pros joined in, including former Blues captain David Backes:

More than half the passengers on the Humboldt Broncos' bus were killed. Most were players who hailed from the prairie provinces known for farming, but victims also included coaches, a radio announcer, team statistician and a bus driver accustomed to weathering hazardous road conditions.

The team's first line, including the team captain and the son of a former NHL player, all died. Three of the young players killed were named Logan.