Football announcer Bob Costas talks

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Costas Recalls Embarrassing 'Feel These Nipples' Movie Quote

The Hall of Fame broadcaster looks back and laughs about his role in the sports spoof movie.

June 28, 2018 - 12:44 pm

Bob Costas, a 28-time Emmy Award winner, who has called multiple World Series, Olympics and hosts NBC's "Sunday Night Football" shared one moment from his entertainment career he's not particularly proud of. It happened while on the set of the 1998 sports spoof movie, "BASEketball." 

The movie is about three slackers who make up a new sport in their driveway, which becomes a wildly popular professional league. It stars the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone and is directed by David Zucker, who was well known for also directing the "Airplane" series.

Costas and equally well-known broadcaster Al Michaels, play the game commentators in the movie. Costas has a line that has become relatively well-known, after a big game he says to his co-broadcater: "You're excited? Feel these nipples!"

Costas says he did the movie, despite the urging of his agent not to participate.

"It was a spoof on the utter absurdity of modern sports," Costas says. "The problem was that there was one line that was in the film and they wanted me to say this line - it isn't obscene, just a little uncomfortable - and I said, 'I've done everything you've asked me to do ... I can't do this one line.'" 

The producers told Costas they wouldn't use the line "if it didn't work." After shooting, Costas had no idea if the line had made the film or not. Until he saw a trailer for the movie when he was at the old Kirkwood Cinema, near The Magic House. 

The trailer for "BASEketball" plays and his infamous line was included. Apparently some of the members of the theater's audience had noticed Costas was there.

"And from the back of the theatre I hear, in the silence, 'Bob, Bob.' A fellow St. Louisan, greatly disappointed that I've lowered my own standards," Costas says. 

Costas was a guest on the Charlie Brennan show, after being honored by the St. Louis Cardinals this week for his coming induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He was given the Ford C. Frick award for his "major contributions to baseball" as a broadcaster.

One topic Brennan asked Costas about what his film career, as Costas has had roles in movies like "Cars," "Moneyball," "Pootie Tang," and "BASEketball." 

The "BASEketball" chat continues and we also learn from Costats that he was paid $50,000 for his role, Michaels made $60,000. But that was only after he first learned that he was being paid less than Costas and threatened to walk off the set if he didn't earn a similar wage. Costas says the combined $110,000 was donated to charity because "50 grand for doing that was like stealing. I couldn't accept $50,000 for doing that."