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Bosnian Memory Project Collects Cultural History of St. Louis Community

March 28, 2018 - 9:48 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Bosnians fleeing war settled by the tens of thousands in the St. Louis area and began new lives. But according to Dr. Ben Moore of the Bosnia Memory Project at Fontbonne University, it only takes one to two generations for people who've migrated to the United States to forget their past, and they're already seeing some of that happening here in the Bosnian community. So for ten years, Moore’s project has been collecting oral history and artifacts to preserve for future generations.

“It’s a cultural documentation project which focuses on the Bosnian community here in St. Louis, which as you probably know, is the largest Bosnian community outside of Bosnia, numbering some 70,000 people,” he says.

Moore says the Bosnians in general have done very well here. Last night in a private ceremony, they bestowed the inaugural Bosnia Memory Project Community Leader Award to Midwest Bankcentre, for all the work they've done with the Bosnian community.

“They have a very high regard for diversity and community service, and they’ve been a great support to the Bosnian Memory Project, and they’ve also been a great support to communities in North County and North City that have been underserved by the banking industry,” he says.

The Bosnia memory projects records and archives are available upon request for researchers and interested parties. They hope someday to expand it into its own space.

“History tells us it only takes about one to two generation for people who have migrated to the United States to forget their past. We start to see some of that happening with the second generation of Bosnians here in St. Louis,” he says.