BRENNAN: Listeners Have Questions - I Have Answers

Charlie Brennan
June 12, 2018 - 4:06 pm
Charlie Brennan

Today’s column will answer a few of the questions I have received from our readers.


I remember hearing you talking about visiting with some refugees from the Middle East, who had been settled in St. Louis. Did you do a report on the issue? It is available to look at?

Thomas Piper

East Alton, IL

I did file not file a written report but I have done many radio programs on Syrian refugees in St. Louis.  I am still working with them.  Last Saturday I joined a group of Boston College alums who helped sort and stock clothing and books at the Baitulmal Thrift Store on Southwest Avenue near The Hill neighborhood in St. Louis.  The store, operated by refugees through the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis, is FREE and services people of all backgrounds. 


Dear Charlie:

Can you please tell me the date of the New Yorker issue with the article about Greitens?


Nick Hall

Florissant, MO

Here it is but I must say the story uses too many nameless sources, imho.



A couple of years ago, if memory serves, you had a Major League catcher on your show who had written a book. Vague, I know, but a very interesting interview. First I learned of a catcher’s role in the game other than “catching.” Any clue who the heck this might be?  Thanks,

Linda Andruska

St. Louis

That’s a tough one because I have interviewed Tim McCarver, Benjie Molina, Mike Matheny, Johnny Bench and other MLB catchers. 



Has anyone ever turned a mall into a living campus?  A mall would be a great place for apartments, town homes, etc.  Think about it,  Charles.  I’m sure it would be a great retirement style community.  They already have built in food areas, and walkers wouldn’t have to drive, they would already be there.  California has a housing crisis and loads of empty malls!  I’m actually not sure if they have loads of empty malls, but I was on a roll.

Jack Rempe

St. Louis

You are on a roll.  Why not?  The malls have parking too.  And I’m sure the structures are pretty solid.  Makes sense to me. 


Hello Charlie,

I heard portions of your interview with Greiten's lawyers on May 15, but missed a lot of it because we had someone working at our house. Is there a link on the KMOX site where we can listen to the interview? Thanks...

Dave Eusterbrook

St. Louis

Yes, Dave and here is the link:

Try not to schedule home repairs between 9 and 11 a.m.



What ever happened to former Congressman Russ Carnahan?

Harold Johnson


Find out tomorrow when he joins us at 9:35 a.m. on KMOX!