Bridgeton Residents Upset After Latest Landfill Fire

"This could have been really bad."

Brett Blume
November 06, 2018 - 7:06 am

Karen Nickel (West Lake Landfill Facebook page)


Some nearby residents are NOT happy with the response to Friday's fire at the Bridgeton landfill.

Dawn Chapman with the group Just Moms says the incident revealed that site monitoring isn't what it should be — in fact the EPA thanked her for live-streaming the fire so they could keep tabs on the situation.

"It really sucks that two soccer moms have to stand out in the friggin' cold outside of a dangerous situation and live on our cell phones," Chapman ranted to KMOX news. "So that the agencies in charge know what the hell is going on."

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Chapman says Friday's fire burned longer (about two hours) than it should have before being put out, but could have been much worse.

"What would have happened if that had travelled laterally to other wells?" Chapman wondered.

She says it was the third major surface fire at the landfill site in the past four years. She's calling for a "massive" public meeting to discuss the impact of last week's fire.