Illinois state capitol building

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Budget Talks Continue in Illinois with No Agreement

May 09, 2018 - 9:56 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Budget talks continue at the Illinois capitol but there's still no agreement on how much money the state can spend in the next fiscal year.

Senate President John Cullerton says they have a decent revenue estimate, but several factors make the exact number impossible to pin down. Cullerton says they're close enough now to start crafting the budget.

"Whatever that number is…it’s not enough to pay for our bills, so that’s where we get into these other variables. Selling the Thompson Center could bring $200 or $300, so there’s a number you’re never going to tie down,” he says.

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin says they need that exact number to prevent excessive spending.

“By having some type of agreement of what revenue we’re going to have, it not only saves the tax payers money but it saves the democrats from themselves, from what they have done to the budget project over the last 3.5 years,” he says.

Governor Bruce Rauner says talks are moving more slowly than he'd like, but budget meetings will continue with the hope they'll figure it out by the end of the month. The legislature typically tries to get a budget passed by the end of the legislative session in May. Come June 1, it'll take more votes to pass any legislation.