Catcher Yadier Molina yells at the Diamondbacks manager.

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Cardinals Not Expecting Suspension For Molina After Sunday Scuffle

Two of Molina's teammates say they were "100 percent" ready to back up their catcher and fight.

April 09, 2018 - 6:07 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - It's been more than 24 hours since Yadier Molina went chest-to-chest with the Arizona Diamondbacks manager and pushed the home plate umpire, but the St. Louis Cardinals have yet to hear from Major League Baseball about possible discipline for their catcher. In Sunday's loss, Molina went after manager Torey Lovullo in the second inning, after he used some unrepeatable language when talking about Molina. 

Manager Mike Matheny and general manager Mike Girsch both say they are assuming there won't be a punishment handed down to their catcher. 

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"I don't expect there to be a suspension for anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone reached out to us. But we'll see," Girsch said to media in the dugout before Monday night's matchup with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Matheny says at this point he is just "assuming" no punishment will be coming for Molina since the club is yet to hear from the league. 

However, he did receive a message from Lovullo after the game "via one of the other guys on their club," but didn't divulge what was said. Girsch says after the game Arizona's first base coach, and former Cardinals coach, Dave McKay came to talk to Molina after the game. 

Lovullo was asked again about the altercation, Monday. 

"I said what I said," Lovullo explained to media in San Francisco. "I made a mistake with some of the wording that I chose. I think the one message that I want to say is that I respect Yady, I think he's one of the best catchers in baseball. Has been for a long time."

He added, he has no reached out to Molina and expects to be fined by the league. 

"I'll deal with the consequences," Lovullo says.

Cardinals teammates Kolten Wong and Jose Martinez were asked about their views of the altercation: 

"I mean that's more disrespect than anything, you don't call someone that name and not expect anything," Wong says. "So Yadi had all the right to do what he did and we were right there behind him and ready to back him up ... I don't care who you are, we're going to fight."

"You got to respect the game 100 percent," Martinez says. "And you got to respect your uniform and if somebody is going to come to you and say something bad or do something bad, for sure we're going to take (Molina's) back and go after whatever."