Matt Carpenter and Andrew Benintendi

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Cards, Red Sox, Blues Form Alliance To Make Carpenter, Benintendi All-Stars

It seemed random at first, but then the Blues show why the Andrew Benintendi is the perfect player for St. Louis to support too.

July 09, 2018 - 12:18 pm

The St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox have formed an alliance in hopes of getting Matt Carpenter and Andrew Benintendi into the 2018 All-Star Game. You may be wondering why these teams partnered up. Well, the St. Louis Blues provided the perfect response. 

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On Sunday evening, MLB announced its rosters for next week's All-Star Game, but there is one spot on each roster still open. The last two players to make the team come down to the Final Vote competition, which included the Cardinals infielder, Carpenter, on the NL side, and the Red Sox outfielder, Benintendi, on the AL side. 

One Twitter user had an idea - how about the Cardinals and Red Sox work together? 

Well, the teams agreed.

It seems like a random match, but there are a couple reasons why the match actually makes sense. Former Cardinals pitcher Joe Kelly is on the Red Sox, and he and Carpenter played parts of three seasons together in St. Louis.

The St. Louis Blues also shared this photo, of Benintendi in a Blues jersey: 

He was wearing a Ryan Reaves Blues jersey last September when the Red Sox did a "Jersey Road Trip," and every player wore the jersey of another pro athlete. There's no simple explanation as to why he picked a Reaves jersey. Maybe the Cincinnati native just picked the closest hockey team to hometown? 

Either way, Cardinals fans are being asked to vote Carpenter in the NL and Benintendi in the AL Final Vote competition. 

You can cast your vote here!