Carjackings could be punished harder in Missouri

Missouri's new Attorney General wants to put carjackers in a class of their own

Kevin Killeen
February 25, 2019 - 7:33 am

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) — Missouri's Attorney General is backing a plan to get tougher with carjackers in the state. 

Eric Schmitt will give his support to a proposed state law that would create a crime of "motor vehicle hijacking." 

The goal is to not only track carjacking trends, but also have tougher penalties. Also, it would end the confusion of labeling. Right now, a lot of carjackings are labeled as robberies and people don't know how many are taking place. 

The new carjacking law would be a class B felony (5-to-15 years) or a class A felony (10-to-30 years) depending on whether a firearm, serious bodily injury or special victims are part of the crime.

Last year in St. Louis city, there were 350 carjackings. This year alone, there have been reports of carjackings in Town and Country as well as Manchester and Des Peres.

The new law is sponsored by State Senator Bob Onder and State Representative David Gregory, who will take questions on the plan later this morning downtown. KMOX's Kevin Killeen is following this story and will be at the meeting this morning.

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