Dooley Endorses Mantovani for County Executive

Says challenger will "get along" with people, get things done

Kevin Killeen
July 31, 2018 - 5:35 pm

Kevin Killeen/KMOX


JENNINGS, Mo. (KMOX) - Charlie Dooley says it's not sour grapes.

Standing with a group of North County politicians, the former St. Louis County Executive says he's endorsing challenger Mark Mantovani for County Executive over the man who beat him four years ago, incumbent Steve Stenger.

"This is not sour grapes. I lost the election and wished Steve Stenger the best," Dooley said. "I wanted the county to do well. It has not done well. It's disgusting, it's dishonest what's going on in St. Louis County. It's appalling."

Dooley and others said the Stenger era has been overshadowed with bickering, conflict and allegations of corruption involving "pay to play" politics.

Former State Rep. Betty Thompson told the crowd she once supported Stenger.

"He has never delivered. He's got a corrupt administration. I know because I worked there. He's going to our black churches and singing 'Amazing Grace.' Yes -- it's amazing," Thomspson said. "Amazing because he didn't do nothing."

The Stenger campaign released a statement saying he's done a lot for North County:

"In additon to the hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in North County, Northwest Plaza was redeveloped under County Executive Stenger and has provided a much needed investment.  Northwest Plaza currently has over 30 employers with 2,500 jobs and 250 million in economic activity.  And the same is currently being done at Jamestown Mall.  St. Louis County has also implemented more recommendations from the Ferguson Commission report than any other jurisdiction in the region."