WATCH: Illinois police rescue donkey in middle of interstate

"There's a donkey in the middle of I-90."

April 19, 2019 - 8:46 am

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (KMOX/AP) - A Cook County Sheriff's police sergeant made a different sort of rescue on the Jane Addams Tollway Wednesday morning.

Sgt. Bonnie Busching came upon a donkey needing assistance on eastbound I-90, just east of Arlington Heights Road. Her body camera recorded her next moves, as she got out of her vehicle and sought to keep the animal out of harm’s way.

The officer then ordered the donkey to "come here, sweetie.''

She asked a motorist to stand with the donkey while she could figure out what to do.

Thankfully, Busching was not hurt. A lot of people looked and some stopped.

"Three IDOT workers show up and they go, 'You really have a donkey.' I go, 'Yep, I have a donkey.'"

Sgt. Busching says the donkey, named Dusty, was reunited with his owner, who had just bought him. The seller had put Dusty in a trailer and apparently did not secure the latch.

"That's a tough little donkey, too, because he was kind of scraped up,” the sergeant said. "But he was walking around and didn't seem upset. He was real friendly."

Busching is a 21-year veteran of the sheriff’s department.

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