Sister Mary Jo Sobiek threw the ceremonial pitch in Chicago on Saturday night

(NBC Sports Chicago)

Nun Who Threw Perfect First Pitch is Huge Cardinals Fan

Sister Mary Jo Sobieck says she would love to throw a first pitch before a Cardinals game!

August 20, 2018 - 5:03 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Sister Mary Jo Sobieck brought her whirlwind of a media tour to the KMOX airwaves Monday on the Mark Reardon Show.

She has become nationally famous after throwing out a first pitch before Saturday's Chicago White Sox game – it was a perfect strike, and she had plenty of swagger while doing it. 

"If I'm going to throw a ball, it's going to be on a rope," Sobieck said on KMOX. "I'm not rainbowing it." 

She was a shortstop and centerfielder for her college softball team and says "as an athlete, I was all in." 

And best of all, she's a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

The Minnesota-native still loves her Twins, but she adopted her favorite National League team when she moved to Springfield, Ill., and joined the Dominican Sisters of Springfield in the early 1990s. A close friend she met there was a life-long Cardinals fan, and the pair would often drive to St. Louis and attend games at Busch Stadium. 

"I had my American League team, now I can have my National League team," Sobieck says. "We still often go down there and we love Ballpark Village. We like to sit up there, across from the field to take in the games. We've come down there for the World Series just to take in the atmosphere. We love it." 

Sobieck is a nun working at Marian Catholic High School in Chicago. 

She says she would love to throw a first pitch before a Cardinals game, and she promised to help "pray us into the playoffs." 

She's been doing radio interviews around the country since her first pitch and on ESPN's Golice and Wingo show Tuesday morning was bragging about her air time on KMOX: