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City Police Raises Move to Aldermen, Justice Workers Still Fighting with Prop P

May 23, 2018 - 10:56 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Good news for St. Louis police. The raises they were promised when the Prop P sales tax passed made it through the city's civil service commission last night. Police union representative Jeff Roorda says next hurdle is approval from the board of aldermen.

“It’s an up or down vote, they can’t amend. It’s not like other bills where they can amend things and move money around under the charter the pay ordinance can only be approved or disapproved,” he says.

The $6000 dollar raises, he hopes, will keep officers from leaving for higher salaries in Jefferson County, St. Louis County and the 89 municipalities within St. Louis County.


Meanwhile, workers at St. Louis County's Justice Center are feeling demoralized.

They begged for six months to get the same raises from Prop P as their co-workers, and thought they'd gotten them, only to have politics complicate things.

The County Council decided 6-to-1 to give raises to nurses and case workers out of Proposition P public safety funds, but County Executive Steve Stenger says he can ignore that bill because Council didn't follow procedure. He also says legally, the nurses should get paid from the health fund instead.

Stenger says his proposal would separate the nurses and case workers raises into two bills, which the council could pass if they wanted to finally give these long-suffering workers their raises.