Elmer Hayes. (Missouri Department of Corrections)

Convicted Killer Up for Parole in Missouri

July 16, 2018 - 7:46 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A pending decision by the Missouri Parole board has the attention of many in the St. Louis area. It's for the man who fatally wounded a Florissant Police Sgt. after a 1979 bank robbery.

Elmer Richard Hayes was an escaped convict who had previously murdered two people in outstate Missouri when he shot Sgt. Jay Noser eight times. Florissant Police Major Tim Fagan says Hayes was dangerous in 1979 and he's dangerous today.

"Based on his history, the murders he committed and certainly the assault which ultimately led to Sgt. Noser’s death, he should never breathe free air. This is a man who should stay in prison for the rest of his natural life," he says.

Noser survived, but had to retire three years later and suffered with three bullets still in his body, until his death in 2008. Fagan and others are calling on the public to urge the parole board, which heard Hayes' case last month, to keep Hayes behind bars.