Coronavirus creates legal questions, Mo Bar will answer for free

Missouri Bar Association expands access to free online legal help

Megan Lynch
April 08, 2020 - 5:40 pm
Online Legal Help

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St. Louis, MO (KMOX) - Employment status, rental agreements, child custody questions.

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered more legal issues for many people. 

Missouri attorneys are offering some free help.

The Missouri Bar Association has a web-based portal that allows you to ask your legal questions.   In the past, the service primarily served lower income residents, but with the current health and economic crisis, the Missouri Bar has expanded eligibility to include people who have lost their jobs or have greater means. 

"Our hope is that with these adjustments we'll be able to reach a much broader swath of Missouri's citizenry, because we know that the pandemic creating legal issues in a number of substantive areas where people are just going to need help," explains John Gunn, President-Elect of the Missouri Bar. 

Gunn tells KMOX they've already seen an increase in questions related to family law, "where custody arrangements might be impacted by a summer schedule versus a school year schedule.  We are concerned there will be issues also, with respect to domestic violence and issues with peole who are in isolation and might be in a position where it's very difficult for them to reach out and get help."

Gunn says he also expects more questions related to employment, landlord-tenant issues and education. 

Gunn says if the issue requires more advice than what the volunteer attorneys can provide online, they can guide you in finding an attorney in your area. 

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