Carp looking from green water

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Creve Coeur Carp Removal Considered Successful

June 25, 2018 - 8:27 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The experimental process used to remove Asian carp from the lake at Creve Coeur Park earlier this year is being called a major success.

That's according to Kevin Meneau with the Missouri Department of Conservation, who says by using the Unified Method they were able to separate out Asian carp from native species and remove them.

“The native fish species that we concerned about, this method we thought might be pretty easy one them, and it was. We caught very few native species and very few of them,” he says.

For a whole month during the dead of winter crews used a series of nets, underwater noises, and electric currents to herd invasive Asian carp to a choke point where they were removed and buried. They removed about 47,000 Asian carp, representing more than 119 tons which were then buried in a landfill.

“Existing wildlife code in Missouri wouldn’t allow us to do anything with them but that, and since the project’s completion I’ve been hitting up the committee to change those rules,” Meneau says.

It’s believed to have removed about 85 percent of the lake's Asian carp population.