Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex to Welcome 1st Players Monday

Brian Kelly
February 07, 2018 - 5:00 am
Aerial Shot CCP Soccer Complex - Five Fields

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX) - The area's newest soccer complex is set to welcome its first players next week.

With 13 synthetic turf fields, the $13.8 million Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex will be one of the largest synthetic turf complexes in the nation. Eleven of those fields are lighted, incuding a championship field, which seats 5,000 spectators and overlooks Creve Coeur Lake.

Championship Field CCP Soccer Complex
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The complex also includes two smaller grass fields and a Central Village, which includes concessions and restrooms, vendor greenspace, a concrete patio and a plaza area. There will also be satellite concession and restroom areas at each end of the complex, which will have parking for 1,500 vehicles.

"It essentially puts us back on par with cities like Indianapolis and Kansas City in this area," says operations manager Michael Hayes. "This project enables our region to meet a huge local need for soccer, but even more importantly, it also opens the door for us to be a real competitor to host regional and national events going forward."

The first big event will be in June, when the 2018 Missouri Youth Soccer Association State Cup will bring 264 games there over two weekends.

And Hayes says there could be more to come.

"We are working already, actively to bid on an opportunity in 2021 to host the Midwest Regionals that is put on by the U.S. Soccer Association. That would bring teams from all over the region here, and they would be here for more than a week at a time."

Central Village Monument
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Local teams will also benefit. Hayes says the price structure will allow teams of all types to call the new complex home.

"As good as the turf is, and the field iteself, first-class-wise, we're going to be able to host big clubs, smaller clubs, mid-size clubs," he says. One of them is Norco, which he says previously had to play in parks, sometimes with portable lighting. 

And with the central concession stand gathering area, Hayes says the complex will become a hub for local soccer.

"You're going to have five, six different clubs at a night, all here training. Then going to the same concession stand and really celebrating the game, as opposed to being a seperate entity all the time."

One of the largest artificial turffield soccer complexes in the country will welcome its first players next week.  It's the $14 million facility at Creve Coeur Lake Park.

If you're not into soccer, Hayes says the complex also includes trails that wind through it and connect to the lake.

Monday will be the soft opening -- the official grand opening and ribbon-cutting will be the spring. 

The complex is being paid for by the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission.