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Cyber Security Poses Huge Problems for Small Business

September 18, 2018 - 10:48 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Cybersecurity isn't just a problem for celebrities and big brands to worry about.  Jason Schwent, at law firm Lathrop Gage, says medical and accounting firms that might only be a single person are being hacked. The bad guys have programs that go out and find weak spots, wherever they are

“If you haven’t done those patches, you are going to be found at some point, and that’s unfortunately the reality, and when they find you, when they get into your system, they can do a lot of damage,” he says.  

Schwent also says employees need to be able to spot a phishing attack.

“That’s the one that because is it so ubiquitous and because all it takes is for you to click on a link, it can really be deployed against anyone and it can be devastating when it hits your business.  I’ve dealt with businesses who have had to shut down all of their electronic operations for two weeks at a time, and that can be a real, real problem,” he says.

Schwent and Lathrop Gage are hosting a seminar this morning in the Cortex Innovation District on this.