Deal Calls For 'Mt. Crestwood' To Start Disappearing This Week

Developer faces citations if it doesn't beat end-of-August deadline.

Brett Blume
August 28, 2018 - 2:24 pm

(KMOX/Brett Blume)


CRESTWOOD, Mo. (KMOX) - If all goes as planned, the controversial mounds of dirt at the old Crestwood Mall site will start disappearing later this week.

That's the latest word from Crestwood City Administrator Kris Simpson, who says he got it straight from developer UrbanStreet Group.

"They gave us an update saying they've received bids and selected the contractor," Simpson says. "They're currently finalizing contractors with both the owner and the subcontractors and mobilizing logistics and equipment with the intention of beginning work this week."

That news should come as music to the ears of many residents, who have taken to calling the soaring mounds of dirt "Mt. Crestwood."

Simpson says the dirt won't necessarily be leaving the property along Watson at Sappington Road.

"(The dirt's) going to be spread around on the site," he tells KMOX. "At no point will the dirt be higher than level with Watson Road, so it's going to be levelled and flat, and then eventually seeded with prairie seed so that it's not such a visual nuisance."

UrbanStreet Group was fast approaching an August 31 deadline to start doing something about the mountains of dirt, or begin facing citations for each day that work was not underway on the project.

In the meantime, Simpson says, the developer is still looking to put up something permanent on the 47-acre property.

"As I mentioned recently, (UrbanStreet Group) does have some new local partners that they're working with, and I believe this is kind of the real kick-off of that effort to try and attract tenants with the new concept that they have," he says.

But the first step will be the flattening of the huge mounds of dirt on the site, which Simpson is confident will begin as planned.

"As of (Monday), they said that they intend to begin work this week," he says. "So we'll hold them to that."