Developer presses ahead with Chesterfield Outlets revamp

Michael Calhoun
May 15, 2019 - 9:49 am
Plans for Chesterfield Outlets

Staenberg Group

CHESTERFIELD (KMOX) -- The Staenberg Group continues to press ahead with plans to redevelop the Chesterfield Outlets into "The District," which will swap shopping for a focus on experiences and activities.

"As more and more retailers close and go out of business, what's happening is that you've got a lot of opportunities for new uses, and one of the most popular ones today has been entertainment."

Vice President of Development Tim Lowe says think about what's right next door.. and add more of that.

"Top Golf is the key, probably the most desired entertainment tenant in the country today," he says. "Using the Top Golf experience and recreating that for other things like bowling, pickleball, darts, laser tag" is their plan.

They'll also add an outdoor pavillion and indoor theatre.

Lowe says they'll keep most of the buildings, although some pieces will be torn down. Some of the shops will also remain.

"I think the mall industry is changing. Clearly we have enough retail, especially in Chesterfield Valley. What we're looking at doing is repurposing the property as something more exciting and inviting.

Lowe says they're going through municipal approvals and hope to have the first opening in 2021.