Fowler & Flaherty Picked Teams, Now this Cardinals Basketball Game Needs to Happen

Fowler read text messages he had with Flaherty where they each drafted their starting lineups for an all-Cardinals basketball game

January 19, 2019 - 6:17 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Remember a couple weeks ago when St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty said on KMOX, he thinks pitchers would beat position players in any sport? Well apparently Dexter Fowler heard about it, which may be leading to a pickup basketball game between Cardinals players soon. At least we hope it does. 

Fowler was with our Chris Hrabe at Winter Warm-Up, Saturday and brought up the conversation – Fowler went straight to his phone to share a text conversation he had with Flaherty. 

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"I said, 'What pitchers can hoop?' And he said 'What position players can hoop?'" Fowler says. 

Then Fowler read off his starting lineup: Him, Jedd Gyorko, Paul DeJong, Drew Robinson and Kolten Wong. 

Flaherty replied with: Himself, John Gant, Miles Mikolas, Mike Mayers and Daniel Ponce de Leon. And he added Adam Wainwright off the bench, because he's the tallest guy on the team. 

"I think we got them, we got them for sure," Fowler says. "I don't even think they can hoop. Like show me, don't talk. I want to see them hoop."  

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Here's the conversation Flaherty had with Hrabe, a couple weeks ago:

Hrabe: If it's pitchers against position players? You're playing hoops or you're playing...

Flahety: Pitchers. It doesn't matter, pitchers. Especially if we played a baseball game. But if we played basketball, if we played football, it's not even a question. We win and it's not even close.

The last thing we want is someone to get hurt messing around on the basketball court, but this thing needs to be settled!