Dexter Fowler Chats with Bill DeWitt Jr and John Mozeliak

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Fowler Felt 'Embarrassed' By Mozeliak's Comments: 'I'll Wear It'

Fowler returned from paternity leave, Thursday and answered questions about his reaction to Mozeliak calling out his "effort" this season.

July 05, 2018 - 11:31 pm

SAN FRANCISCO (KMOX) - Dexter Fowler returned to work with his St. Louis Cardinals teammates after paternity leave, Thursday. Although he's been off the field, his name has been in national headlines for comments made by his boss, president of baseball operations John Mozeliak, about a lack of "energy" and "effort" at the ballpark. 

Fowler told the KMOX Cardinals pregame show that he felt embarrassed by what Mozeliak said.

He said obviously you don't want your name mentioned in the same sentence with a lack of effort, but he talked to Mozeliak, who said he didn't mean to single Fowler out. 

"(Mozeliak) was sorry he said it, and I respect him for reaching out. Me and Mo are good," Fowler said. "I'll take it, I'll wear it."

"Just got to go out and when I get a chance, play a little better."

Fowler said during his time away, teammates reached out to him and told him "they were mad."

"At the end of the day, I’m going to give (my teammates) my all. The people I played with before and the people I play with now -- they know where my heart is at," Fowler said.

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You can listen to Claiborne's full interview with Fowler, here: 

On KMOX's Sports on a Sunday Morning show with Mike Kelly, Mozeliak was asked about his thoughts on the struggling play of Fowler this season, who is hitting below .200 and has lost his everyday outfield role to Harrison Bader. 

"I certainly want to challenge Dex," Mozeliak says. "I feel like he's someone that when we signed him he brought a lot of energy to our club and right now you're just not seeing that same type." 

Mozeliak says he hears from fans on a daily basis that they believe it's an "effort" issue with Fowler. Mozeliak says there is a difference between effort and energy.

Mozeliak later clarified those comments, saying it was more of a comment on what he hears from outside voices on a daily basis. 

"There's still time to win. There's still time to change," Mozeliak told "I wasn't trying to single out Dex in any way."

Fowler and his wife celebrated the birth of their second daughter, Tuesday. 


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