'Mt. Crestwood' Dirt Mounds Could Soon Be History

City leaders say removal could begin within a couple of weeks.

Brett Blume
July 30, 2018 - 3:09 pm

(KMOX/Brett Blume)


CRESTWOOD, Mo. (KMOX) - Crestwood city officials insist they're now just a couple of weeks away from beginning to remove the large mounds of dirt from the old Crestwood Plaza site at Watson and Sappington roads.

City Administrator Kris Simpson tells KMOX that the developer's permit to stockpile the dirt expired nearly two weeks ago, and since then, they've been working to finalize a new, temporary grading permit.

"And then we'll be ready to approve the new grading plan," he explained. "So hopefully in the next day or so, depending on long they can get those things together, we should be looking at a newly approved grading plan."

When the original permit expired around mid-July, the city of Crestwood began issuing citations against the developer, UrbanStreet Group LLC.

But once the work does get underway to do away with the mounds, any potential penalties against the developer could be nullified.

"Honestly, by the time (the citations) land on the prosecutor's desk, I'm expecting that we'll have the new grading application in place," Simpson said. "So I do not expect the prosecutor to do anything with it."

So when would the dirt mounds actually begin to disappear?

"Well, it will take (developer UrbanStreet Group LLC) some time to secure bids for the work and mobilize some bulldozers onto the site," according to Simpson. "But I think we're talking just a couple of weeks."

The dirt mounds were deliberately built up as part of a plan to make the sunken former mall site level with Watson Road. But as time passed and the mounds grew bigger, and then vegetation began sprouting from them, passing motorists began to complain about what many termed an "eyesore," with some referring to it as "Mt. Crestwood."

Simpson says that criticism was received, loud and clear.

"We heard you," he responded when asked what the message to the residents of Crestwood would be. "We took steps to address it. The developer has agreed with us, and hopefully we'll have a significant amount of progress in addressing the eyesore very soon."