Yellow construction crane on building site

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Downtown Construction Woes still a Sign of Growth

July 30, 2018 - 10:32 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Missy Kelley of Downtown S.T.L. Inc. says “we’ve got to do better” on the construction that's taken over streets and sidewalks downtown.

Some of it is renovating buildings, but most of it is utility work that's happening underground.

Kelley says the city needs to do a better job of coordinating the natural gas, electric, water, and all of the other utilities waiting with jackhammers:

 “There’s no question that this is work that has to be done, but there’s also no question that our downtown economy needs to keep running as well,” she says.

Kelley says it's been a real turn-off for would-be residents, workers and visitors.

“It’s just one more reason that people can use to no go downtown, and we don’t need any more reasons,” she says.

She agrees that in other cities, crews are required to take more measures to accommodate, like creating a covered sidewalk under scaffolding. She wants to see the city and utilities work together to make the situation downtown better.

Construction pain aside, Kelley says there's a lot going for downtown, including the renovated Arch grounds and Kiener Plaza, Union Station aquarium, creative companies moving to cluster around each other, and the continuing residential growth.