Thermometer on the summer heat - Maximum temperature

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Extreme Heat Leads to Increase in Heat Related Hospital Visits

June 19, 2018 - 8:21 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Our extreme heat is starting to send some local residents to the ER.

More than two dozen people have come into local emergency rooms for treatment over the past few days.  Dr. Zach Tebb is medical director of the emergency department at St. Anthony's Hospital in South County.

 “We’re seeing some increased cases in the last four days, we’ve had about 15 cases, but really for the last three weeks we’ve had increased cases of heat exhaustion or dehydration, and some of these are folks who are laboring outside, either for work or some are just working in their own yard. And then we’re having some more severe cases of dehydration particularly in the elderly with heat exposure,” he says.

SSM Health reports seven heat-related cases in STL County, two in St. Charles County, and four cases at Barnes Jewish Hospital. But so far, no heat related deaths of any residents in the metro area.  Last year, 19 Missourians died due to the heat.