A passing rain storm leaves clouds in the blue sky as it passes by a Wisconsin Dairy farm in summer. The corn in the field is green and tall and will be used as silage for the cows in the barn during the winter. Nice rural landscape from the American midw

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Farm Bureau Worried about Continued Drought

July 09, 2018 - 9:18 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - There's still time to turn it around, but the Missouri Farm Bureau is concerned about a worsening drought and its effect on livestock.

Eric Bohl, the bureau's public affairs director, says at least 70 percent of the state is in some sort of drought right now -- about a fifth of it, mainly in the northern part of the state, is in a severe drought.

“If we start to get normal rains again now, we would still have enough time to get to a point where we could make it through alright without having to resort to too drastic measures,” he says.

The problem started in the fall. Dry conditions meant a smaller hay crop, and then the winter that wouldn't end affected the size of the spring crop. Now with continued dryness, some cattle are getting stuck in the mud as they tread further into pond beds looking for water.