Voters Will Decide Park District Fate

Super-majority vote needed to shut down district mired in debt.

Megan Lynch
August 17, 2018 - 11:15 am


COLLINSVILLE, Ill. (KMOX) - Voters in the Metro East are another step closer to shutting down a regional park district overwhelmed with debt.

Efforts to shutter the Collinsville Area Recreation District have failed in the past. This week, petition organizers achieved their goal of putting the issue before voters.

The district -- called "CARD" -- is millions of dollars in debt due to what critics say were years of poor investments and mismanagement.

Collinsville Township Trustee Derrick Keith Cox says all the district properties have been transferred to local municipalities, however, the board remains in place. 

"Another board could come in ... down the road and start spending and buying things up again and we could go further and furthe rinto debt." Cox adds that without dissolving CARD, towns that now manage the park sites would not be eligible for federal grants.

The question goes before voters in November -- it needs a two-thirds super-majority to pass.

While the current park district board can't take a position on the measure, the board president has told KMOX that board members participated in collecting petition signatures.