LISTEN: KMOX Exclusive interview with St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner

Up for discussion: case refusals, exclusion list, and diversion programs.

Beth Coghlan
February 12, 2020 - 11:11 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX): A lot has been said about Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, but no one is talking to her.  Until now. 

Kim Gardner
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We went into this interview thinking we'd get 10 minutes.  When we arrived, we were told we'd get 30.  That turned into almost 3 hours.  There were so many topics and so much said, we tried to break down the conversation by topics below with the goal to edit as little as possible out of the conversation so you can hear the entire thing. 

Up first, being a reform-minded prosecutor and the redirect program...

"When you have a prosecutor led office that is one of the most violent cities in America, and it's led by the Circuit Attorney who is an African-American female, it's easy to discount the voice of the first African-American female.  And that's why I'm sitting here because it seems like everyone starts from the proposition I need to prove what I'm doing works." - Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner

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Kim Gardner office
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Last month, the St. Louis police chief told KMOX the number of felony charges issued by the circuit attorney was low compared to how many they asked her to issue.  In a records request, KMOX got those numbers from police.  The circuit attorney, Kim Gardner, has said those numbers are misleading, and for the first time, talks about why.

"The only one who has data is me.  Not even the courts have my data.  So when people talk about data and statistics about what my office is doing, the only person that has that is me.  No one else.  And that's been before me and that's going to continue even after me. " - Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner


What is the relationship between the police and the circuit attorney's office?  "We have a check-and-balance relationship." - Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner


Listen Friday at 10PM for an hour of our conversation with Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.

Mark Reardon & Carol Daniel Discuss the interview:

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