Federal Shutdown Could Put a Shiver in MLK Day Here

Old Court House is closed, rally would move outisde

Kevin Killeen
January 10, 2019 - 5:42 pm
Aerial view of the city of St. Louis, Missouri

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ST. LOUIS--(KMOX)--Ahead of the march in the cold, there has always been the toasty, warm rally with songs and speeches in Old Court House rotunda.

But this year the marchers may need an extra sweater and a good hat.

They may have to rally outside in the cold, because the Old Court House, a federally-owned building, has been closed for the government shutdown.

Event organizer Merdean Fielding-Gales says if the shutdown continues through January 21st, they plan to rally outside the building at 4th and Market.

"Well, mind you--we've never cancelled," Fielding-Gales said, "and we've had as many as four and five, six inches of snow.  We've walked in the rain."

Depending on the weather, she says some of the speakers at the rally may have to get to the good part right away.

"If we're outside, we will definitely have to shorten all of what we do," Fielding-Gales said.

For now, they hope the shutdown showdown is resolved before then.

"I don't believe Dr. Martin Luther King would cancel because a state building is not open," she said.

After the rally, the crowd plans to march west on Market street for the almost three-mile walk to the Leonard Baptist Church in the 1100 block of North Compton. 

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