Fields Foods to Emphasize Walkability for Dogtown Grocery

Michael Calhoun
February 26, 2018 - 10:47 am
Assortment of fresh produce in grocery paper bag by window

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Why is the owner of a local grocery store chain looking forward to potential parking problems at his newest location? Chris Goodson says it's a sign of prosperity. The alternative, he says, is rolling a nickel down an empty street.

He owns Fields Foods, which opened its first location in Lafayette Square, another city neighborhood that saw improvement and yet didn't have a grocery store.

The Dogtown location plans to take city living a step further. It's going to be in the ground floor of the Hibernia apartments at the old lumberyard on Clayton Avenue, which just scored funding last week to get going on construction.

 "There's going to be a little over 100 apartments right on top of it, so it's the kind of facility where you can be in your pajamas and come down and grocery shop too," he says. 

Plus, Goodson says young people moving to the city want to walk to the street corner for their errands.  But won't these shoppers have a lot to then carry home?

"The unique thing about grocery shopping now is that people come about three to four times a week, so they don't just come in and camp out, they're going in very quickly, so a car comes in, it moves, another car comes right after that. That's kind of the nature of the shopping now," he says. 

Goodson says Dogtown has remained steady and now people are moving in -- so to sustain that growth, the neighborhood needs stores, restaurants and services.