Mobile food truck opened for business

Fire Department Looks to Regulate Food Trucks after Friday's Fire

June 06, 2018 - 7:43 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - After Friday's fire that destroyed a food truck at the Chesterfield Amphitheater, local fire officials are taking a closer look at how they regulate the rolling restaurants.

Monarch Fire protection district Fire Marshal Roger Herin heads up the Metro Fire Marshal Association. He tells KMOX they were already looking at codes for the trucks, but that fire during a charity concert convinced them to look even closer.

 “We’re discussing options on that. We want to get the St. Louis Area Food Truck Association involved in the discussion so that we can work as a team, to make these safer,” he says.

Herin says Friday's fire may have been caused by gasoline leaking from a generator that was under the propane tank. The owner put on Facebook the day before the fire that a leak had prompted them to postpone a visit to a business.