Fixing Bad Choices: Chesterfield Tattoo Shop Offers $500 Off Removal

Invisible Ink's February promotion offers $500 off treatments to remove an ex-lover's name or initials

Alex Degman
February 05, 2019 - 3:59 pm
Tattoo artist



CHESTERFIELD (KMOX) - Just in time for Valentine's Day, a tattoo removal shop is offering a special to help you forget your – former – special someone.​

Invisible Ink Tattoo is offering $500 dollars if you want to get the name or initials of an "old flame" removed.

"If they have a name or something they don't want any longer, or initials of that person/old lover, then we're here to help with this promotion in the month of February and it goes until February 28th," says Jason Hardin, general manager of the Chesterfield store.

"The great thing about our process is we make it very ... easy for people, very fun," Hardin says, noting there will likely be a little discomfort.

Hardin says technology has changed to make tattoo removal much easier than it was in the past. He likens the ink in your body to an immovable rock. Lasers break up that ink (the rock) into a fine powder, which is washed out by white blood cells.

Several treatments are typically needed. The total cost depends on how large the tattoo is, where it is and how intricate among other factors.

Hardin says most treatments range from $100 to $500.