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Flu Relief Harder To Come By - And More Expensive

February 08, 2018 - 6:00 pm

(KMOX) - Having the flu is bad enough, but the cost of relief is making life tough for some.

KTVT's Jason Allen reports from Dallas-Fort Worth:

Once the body aches, fever and fatigue of the flu set in, doctors often perscribe Tamiflu to treat it.

"Even if I sold it to them at cost, it's close to $100."

One pharmacist says he hasn't been able to stock the less-expensive, generic version of the drug since the fall.

And there's a big difference in price.

The generic version can cost over $100, even with insurance. The name-brand, in some cases, can run close to $200.

But customers are often discovering their insurance won't help them pay for the name-brand.

"We have to call the insurance company and explain to them generic's not available - 'Will you pay for the brand-name?' Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't."